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About our Fresh Produce Storage Bags

Slowing the Aging Process

What makes XTEND Fresh Produce Storage Bags different from Ziploc bags or other plastic bags?

Our bags’ unique scientific film design, releasing excess moisture while providing an optimal balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide, helps slow the aging process of the produce item stored within and reduce the risk of microbial decay.

Why do I have to close the bag?

When it is closed, a unique climate is created within the bag that slows aging and ripening processes and inhibits microbial decay. Just folding the bag will not be sufficient to create the unique climate.

Where should I store the bag?

After packing, the bag should be stored in the refrigerator. When it is empty it can be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Does the bag remove or control the ethylene gas?

Elevated carbon dioxide concentrations that develop within our bags bind to the ethylene receptor and inhibit its action, thereby slowing ripening and aging processes regulated by ethylene.

How long can I keep produce in Xtend Fresh Produce Storage Bags?

The exact time that the produce can be kept fresh in the bags depends on numerous factors, most notably the quality of the produce at the time it is packed. Typically, you can expect that produce will remain fresh for longer than if stored unpacked or in many alternative packaging solutions.

Can I leave it on the countertop?

Best results will be obtained in the refrigerator. As an exception, if it is used on the countertop, do not use with bananas as the permeability of this particular packaging is likely to be insufficient for ripening bananas.

Can I use it for herbs?

Yes, our produce bags are a very good solution for herbs, in particular, as herbs are very sensitive to moisture and the packaging helps eliminate excess moisture.

Can I wash the bag with soap?

You can wash the bag but please refrain from using soap. If the bag becomes soiled, rinse with water and allow it to air dry.

Can I store fruits or vegetables that have already been sliced?

Once fresh fruits and vegetables are sliced, they deteriorate at a faster rate than uncut produce. Xtend Fresh Produce Storage Bags can provide some benefit in slowing down their deterioration.

What is the bag made of?

The bag is a unique multilayered plastic film. Each layer has an essential role in the functionality of the bag.

What should I do when there is excessive moisture in the bag?

For the most part, this shouldn’t happen since the bag has the ability to remove excess moisture on account of its high-water vapor transmission rate. Nevertheless, if produce is packed soaking wet, or if there are extreme temperature fluctuations, the bag functionality may be overwhelmed, and the produce may become wet.

Do Not

Can I use it for trail mix and dry fruits, meat, bread, or pasta?

Xtend Fresh Produce Storage Bags are designed to benefit fresh produce. The bag effectively slows respiration and aging processes and extend fresh produce shelf life.

Can I store different vegetables and fruits together?

We recommend that each type of fruit or vegetable is stored separately since different produce items have different rates of respiration. We also prefer to keep ethylene producers away from those that are ethylene sensitive. Apples, for example, give off large amounts of ethylene. Keep apples away from other produce, store in the bags, in the refrigerator.

Can I use it for bananas?

The packaging permeability is likely to be insufficiently low for ripening bananas and as such the bags should not be used with this fruit.

Can I use it for potato and dry onion, garlic?

Potatoes, onions, and garlic should be kept in a cool dry storage place with lots of air ventilation. There is no need to store them in bags.

Can I use it for basil?

The bags are suitable for many different fresh herbs, including basil. Please note that basil is sensitive to chilling injury when exposed to temperature below 12C and should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Can I use it for Flowers?

Like fresh herbs, the bag will preserve fresh edible flowers. Don’t use the bag over the top of a vase.

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